A loan portfolio management analysis & monitoring solution

Executive dashboard for instant perspective

Key performance indicators measure:

  • Concentration
  • Delinquency
  • Charge-off
  • Credit migration
  • Predicted risk

View delinquency and charge-off trends

  • View historical performance by portfolio


  • Click through to seamlessly, access loan and member-level data


  • Identify strong / under performers by: product, underwriter, branch and dealership

Track credit score migration by portfolio

  • Proactively manage negative migration and X-level members to reduce loan losses


  • Identify and monitor risky loan portfolios

Valuable insights into real estate portfolio risk

  • Follow CLTV and LTV levels to identify geographies and loans with greater risk


  • Proactively manage delinquent and high-risk loans to reduce default


  • Track AVM migration

Build your own portfolio reports

  • Address special analysis requests from senior management, auditors and examiners quickly and easily


  • Eliminate data accuracy concerns associated with the development of home-grown, ad hoc reports

CECL solution

Create historical static pools to evaluate loss through economic fluctuations or significant market events which positively or negatively affected your portfolio.

Historical static pool loss odds are then applied to each loan product, remaining term, and credit tier to establish an expected future risk estimate. 

Delinquency / Loss risk management

Gain instant “eyes on” to portfolio risk via comprehensive, cloud-based analytics and reporting.

Risk-based pricing performance management

Achieve desired market growth and bottom-line results via a well-managed, risk-based pricing model.

Enhanced regulatory / compliance capabilities

Meet CECL requirements quickly and easily. Improve reputation with examiners.

Centralized portfolio data management & reporting

Ensure portfolio reporting consistency. Eliminate ad hoc report development.

Member growth & satisfaction

Identify opportunities to offer members additional products and services.

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