Our story

Innovation is in our DNA

AKUVO was founded in early 2020 by the founder of Akcelerant. As our story unfolds, we will constantly innovate and work hard to ensure all of our customers are raving fans!

Our foundation

We help credit unions drive member satisfaction, business growth and exceptional operational performance using the latest in machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology and deliver high-quality, best of breed processing solutions, analytics and consulting.

To provide credit unions with the same data science driven solutions and analytics that exist for the largest financial institutions in the US but at a price point that is affordable for the credit union market.

To be the leader in AI-driven solutions for the credit union industry by:

  • Constantly innovating in the field of data science, sourcing and integrating valuable market and business performance data.

  • Transforming data into cloud-based applications leveraging Business Rules Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

  • Providing information of peer comparison, trends and opportunities, thereby creating an opportunity for enhanced decision-making capabilities and business performance.

As we build and deliver solutions, we are always guided by these priorities:

  • Accuracy

  • Timeliness

  • Cost effectiveness

  • New capabilities

Why? If you are on time but your product has serious flaws, who cares? If you are the most cost-effective but your customers cannot count on you to deliver when you said you would, who cares? And if you are building new solutions but not adhering to the top three priorities, then you are building on a weak foundation which will eventually fail.

Our values


We act with integrity and the highest levels of ethical and legal conduct, building lasting relationships on honesty and trust, while always maintaining open communication with our customers, our partners and each other.


We will share our success by giving back to our communities and the credit union industry through our time and gifts that go to causes which help make the world a better place.

A Sense of Urgency

We understand the impact of change on our industry, and we will act with a sense of urgency to help our customers enhance their position in the market.


We do our best work when we trust one another as individuals, encourage diversity in our workplace, value the capabilities and contributions of each person and recognize that work is but one part of a full and rewarding life.

Thinking Different

We will always innovate by challenging ourselves to think differently. We will not sit around forecasting our future but rather design it and then innovate ways to bring it about.


We will always strive for excellence in all that we do, whether it be in our products and services or our contributions to the credit union industry.