What is

AKUVO Insights?

There is a never-ending thirst for information and knowledge. It enhances us as individuals, and it’s critical for the success of businesses.

We want to help credit union leadership on this quest by providing access to data and developing advanced analytical tools which provide new and powerful insights into your:

  • Members
  • Markets Served
  • Financial and Operational Performance

Member Insights

Are there unmet member needs, risks or opportunities?... Can you predict or drive member engagement?

The answers to these questions can be obtained by gaining deeper insights into your member base through the use of our suite of Member Analyzers built on robust data analytics, leveraging AI and machine learning.

For example, imagine being able to predict which members are more likely to:

  • Leave the credit union in the near future
  • Have a need for a home equity line of credit
  • Default on a loan payment in the near future

Market Insights

Having a comprehensive understanding of the profile and characteristics of your market is critical. It is the heart and soul of all business planning and marketing efforts.

The challenge for many credit unions is being able to effectively and efficiently collect and analyze the vast amounts of market data available today:

  • What data do we need?
  • Where can we source the data from?
  • How do we integrate the data to develop meaningful insights?

We can help you address this challenge. We have sourced, cleaned, and normalized data from over 150 sources with over 75,000 indicators.

Performance Insights

Leaders need to keep searching for new ways to drive operational efficiency and financial success.

This is a critical business management practice necessary to ensure an organization’s competitiveness and member satisfaction.

We are helping credit union leaders on this quest by developing new analytical tools focusing on productivity and profitability. Beyond traditional analytics, we are integrating AI and machine learning so as to provide predictive and prescriptive insights which help guide and direct management plans and actions.

… an example of this capability. It provides these types of insights, specifically focusing on a very important component of the credit unions financial and operational success: collections!