AKUVO Upgrades Customer Loyalty with a New Team of Advisors

By Steve Castagna 

Chief Revenue & Operating Officer 

When it comes to modern technology, no matter how well you read the manual, watch videos or pay attention in training, inevitably you miss a helpful feature. This happens with all tech, from smart phones to processing systems. We’ve all been there. 


This can be especially frustrating on the job, when you discover your staff has been wasting time on tasks that could have been completed more efficiently all along. If only someone had told you earlier…. 


I am thrilled to announce the expansion of AKUVO’s new Customer Loyalty Department, a team dedicated to helping financial institutions make the most out of the Aperture credit risk and collections platform. We now have three Customer Loyalty Advisors on staff who bring 50 years’ combined experience to the table for our customers. 


AKUVO strongly believes in service after the sale. When we set out to hire our new Customer Loyalty Advisors, we knew we wanted a team that really understood the needs of our customers. Using their extensive and relatable experience, we are confident this group will ensure Aperture is being used to its fullest potential in a way that supports the individual goals of each financial institution we serve.  


Of course, we looked for tech experts who enjoy customer service, but made sure our candidates had credit risk and collections experience too. The result is a dynamic team that understands the need to maximize efficiency and recovery while also delivering high quality, compassionate service. They have dedicated their careers to serving the members of some of the largest and most recognized credit unions in the country, such as Grow Financial, Chartway, Suncoast and Gesa.  


Some of you may know Jaci McGuire, who has been with us for a while and has transferred into this new role. Rebecca Allen and Steve Tabak are our new hires. All three are now working with our customers to optimize their Aperture experience so they can meet and exceed their institutional goals. We encourage you to get to know our new Customer Loyalty Advisors! They are at your service, ready and willing to serve you. 

AKUVO’s Aperture solution is cutting-edge, leveraging data-driven intelligence with tools like analytics, AI, and machine learning. To say our platform is robust is an understatement. Not only can it perform a number of automated functions and next-level analytics, it can also be customized to fit any shop’s needs. 


That optimization doesn’t happen on its own. Oftentimes, it takes someone who knows where you’re going, and can show you the best way to get there. Data is only data until you know how to use it. At AKUVO, we’re elevating service to ensure data delivers results!