A comprehensive portfolio risk & delinquency management solution

Experience the industry's only cloud-based, API-enabled Portfolio Risk and Delinquency Management Solution



20% Improvement in Collector Efficiency
Clean, modern collector workspace
Streamlined information for quick research
Auto-dial capability
Standardized comments

10% Reduction in Collection Workload
Use of robotic processing
Self-service app
Proactive member notifications
Text capabilities

15% Reduction of Effort for Specialty Processes
Pre-packaged functionality
Enhanced integration with 3rd parties
Increased data history
Automated monitoring

10% Increase in Manager Efficiency
Robust library of dashboards
Surface key information
Alert Management tools
Deep analysis of KPI’s and behavior 

Additional Benefits
No upgrade effort required
Proactive communication programs 
No release-dependencies for integrations
Use of data models and machine learning

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