MALVERN, PA. – February 9, 2023

AKUVO Joins the Underground as a New Partner in 2023!

Malvern, PA –

What does it take to be a good UNDERGROUND partner? Check out AKUVO’s about us page on their website and you’ll see the company is founded on the belief that financial integrity, well-being, and security are essential for everyone. It’s all about the people and designing a better future. This focus is on display through technology, services, and values. What are those values? The founder, Jay Mossman, shared that AKUVO’s values are integrity, respect, thinking differently, sharing, sense of urgency and excellence. Sound familiar?


Mitchell, Stankovic & Associate’s UNDERGROUND initiative is all about thought leadership that drives home similar values and then asks the industry to put these ideas into action! “Talk about the stars aligning,” shared Sue Mitchell, “Jay attended the UNDERGROUND Collision with Money 20/20 and put his belief system into action last October when he stood up for the Ukrainian refugees who are now living in Poland by donating to the Via Stella Foundation on the spot. That’s my kind of leader!”


It takes people with business and emotional intelligence to drive success today and that is Mossman’s story. He’s done it once with Akcelerant, and now with AKUVO he is already changing the way credit unions look at collections. “There is no reason to lose a member because they are having financial difficulties,” shared Jay, “This is the most impactful opportunity to help them navigate through the tough times because they will be forever grateful and remain loyal to the credit union. And, isn’t that what the industry is all about?”


The power of the UNDERGROUND is connecting people and aligning thought leaders to a common purpose. Sometimes that is an easy objective and it just rocks to get sh!t done. Other times, the Underground takes it on and asks the controversial questions, why, why not and really? Never accepting no. AKUVO joins us in STANDING UP for the future of credit unions and modernizing the mission back to people!


Register for the UNDERGROUND Collision in Washington, DC on February 26th at the Top of the Hay-Adams Hotel starting at 8:00 am EST. Attendance is limited – Register here!

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