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AKUVO Announces Partnership with ForMotiv

With an increase in digital engagement, credit unions search for ways to keep tabs on members’ digital behavior.

MALVERN, PA — Everywhere we turn, there is talk of the increased use of online and digital offerings – and it’s no different for credit unions. Today, AKUVO announces its partnership with ForMotiv in an effort to bring a leading Behavioral Intelligence solution to the credit union industry. As the credit union industry continues to shift online, it’s increasingly difficult to provide a seamless user experience without increasing risk and fraud exposure. ForMotiv solves this problem by providing the intelligence needed to create frictionless experiences while simultaneously predicting risky and/or fraudulent applications for both members and credit union staff.

“We are incredibly excited to bring a leading edge, data-driven solution to credit unions that provides the ability to monitor and enhance members’ digital experiences and, maybe more importantly, gives the oversight and intuition to onboard new members and loans,” says Jay Mossman, founder and CEO of AKUVO. “For example, incorporating ForMotiv into the origination process will give underwriters one more necessary tool to analyze application attributes and stop bad loans before they happen.”

ForMotiv is akin to a “Digital Polygraph,” measuring thousands of unique behavioral signals captured as users (both members and internal staff) engage with a form or application. Using a combination of AI, machine learning, and predictive behavioral analytics, ForMotiv can analyze users’ “digital body language” to predict outcomes such as risk and fraud and optimize the member experience through abandonment detection and recommended adjustments – without sacrificing security.

“Given AKUVO’s experience in the credit union space, we felt they’d be the perfect partner to help expand our Behavioral Intelligence solution to the growing market. Combining their team’s industry expertise with our technological capabilities, we now have a best in class solution that will help credit unions of all sizes modernize as the financial services space continues its digital transformation,” says Bill Conners, President of ForMotiv.

With the stay-at-home mandates and urges to social distance, the use of digital offerings have exponentially accelerated this year. More members than ever are relying on their credit unions to allow them to perform more complex tasks digitally – many for the first time. AKUVO’s partnership with ForMotiv brings the right solution to the credit union market to support a digital banking experience that is intuitive and helps maintain a human-like connection, despite physical separation.


AKUVO is focused on sourcing and integrating member and portfolio risk data and transforming it into cloud-based solutions leveraging Business Rules Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing specifically designed for credit unions. We create the opportunity for enhanced decision-making capabilities and business performance within the credit union industry.

About ForMotiv

ForMotiv is the first Behavioral Intelligence platform. Using advanced, explanation-based predictive behavioral analytics, ForMotiv gives organizations unprecedented levels of insight into their users, leading to increased conversions, better digital experiences, and reduced risk and fraud. ForMotiv’s patent-pending Digital Polygraph provides real-time analysis of user behavior, helping organizations predict user outcomes. By analyzing a user’s digital body language, such as their hesitancy, indecision or answer correcting, copy/paste actions, and thousands of other metrics collected as a user interacts with an online form or application, ForMotiv calculates Intent Scores to help predict user outcomes. Departments from Marketing to Risk, Data Science to Fraud, and Underwriting to Digital Strategy are utilizing ForMotiv’s platform.